Sell more, more expensive

more often...

Come on, like that, it's said loud and clear, we can stop beating around the bush you and me. Because in reality, these are all the benefits that will fall on you once you have your Irresistible Brand.

A study conducted by InVision on 2,200 companies, in 23 industries and 77 different countries, measured the difference between companies with a lot of maturity in their design vs. those that weren't mature at all.

A Business with great maturity in their Design live daily and on average this kind of experiences:

They generate 4X more turnover than their competitors

They save 5X on their operations

They are 6x faster to penetrate a market

The value of their Business is 26X higher

So you will have understood, we are not here to "just do something pretty".

A bunch of brilliant, smart

and damn competent rebels.

Marquer Le Futur is a growing BRAND & BUSINES DESIGN agency that amplifies the power of your message, gives you a downright sexy look and makes sure your clients fall madly in love with you.

We are an international team; with offices in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Ukraine. Everyone works to build strong brands and successful businesses.

It's all about talent.

We recognize a talent when we meet one. Each member of Marquer Le Futur is driven by the same passion and the same vision of things. That of making your Business as beautiful and profitable
as possible.


Founder & CEO

The creative head of the story. Optimist, passionate and visionary, Pascal is the guy who finds Diamonds in customers. And he's pretty good at that role.

Nikolina Beader VAVAN

Art Director

We owe the Agency's touch of madness to Nikolina. Behind that mischievous smile hides a real creative force.

Anna Sabov

Art Director

This softness and sensitivity hides a treasure of creativity and surprise. Anna shines with her subtlety. A soul filled with inventiveness and calm.

Ksenia AEVA

Web Developer

Behind her calm, smart and ultra authentic attitude, Ksenia guides us every day to create better websites and surprise us with her skills.

Sergej Vavan

Web & UI/UX Designer

Providing a pleasant experience on a website is never a coincidence. And Sergej, a genius in this area, knows how to work real miracles.



You ignore this text at your own risk. *


Love What You Do

Do you remember when your mom was preparing your favourite meal at home? You were so excited because this was the best meal ever and you know she was preparing it with love? Yup, this is exactly what we are aiming for.


Empower Others

You know what they say : ” In times of crisis, you should put the oxygen mask on you before yadi yadi yada ”. But we are not in crisis time. So all our decisions are aimed to empower others. And everyone on the team does this.


Experiment and Have Fun Everyday

Try, fail, try again, learn in the process, grow ! Nobody has ever achieved big goals by just asking himself : ” What if... ” This is only the first part of the journey. We want to tell you something. The second part is even more awesome !


Say it loud and clear

Clarity, transparency and honesty. Yes, those are serious words. But even if it stings a little bit at the beginning, saying what we have deep inside of us with vulnerability and love is always the best action to take.